Clearer than glass

Clearer than glass

The day I went into the hospital I changed my glass doors on my balcony to vinyl windows. As soon as they were installed I left my house for the ER. It wasn’t until I came back home Friday night that I had any idea how they were.

The first thing I noticed is they were louder than the glass. My condo is two blocks away from a very popular summer strip of bars on the water. Even though there is a town noise ordinance that shuts down the music at 10pm, it can get pretty loud. The new windows didn’t block out the sound as well as the glass doors did.

The second thing was the heat. I keep my balcony doors open all day so my dogs can go out from the condo. The AC unit it right next to the balcony. The windows let in more heat than the doors did and the AC is working too hard and not cooling my condo as much. The only fix here is a thicker vinyl or bringing in my dogs wee-wee pad to the condo, something I prefer not to do.

Yesterday we had heavy rainfall and there was rain coming through the window panes. Since rain coming through the glass doors was one of the biggest reasons I had to change the doors, rain dripping through the new windows didn’t make me happy. However, I did discover I may not have had the windows fully closed correctly during the rain, possibly the problem yet I called the installer.

Finally there is today. The wind is finally coming in the right way from the ocean and I was able to open all four windows completely. There is nothing blocking my view and I have an amazing breeze sitting on my balcony. It’s me and my two dogs sitting on the chairs and it feels great. This is why bought these windows.

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