A selfless act

A selfless act

My daughter went back to school yesterday. She took the train back. A normally uneventful trip that became an extremely horrendous night because she was traveling back into a snowstorm. Her school is only about 3-3 1/2 hours away from where we live yet the weather can be drastically different. She doesn’t go to school up a mountain but it is further into New York State than Long Island where I am. The snowstorm, which we were following, was starting Sunday and continuing through until Tuesday. We changed her train to an earlier one but it wasn’t early enough. The earlier ones were already booked.

So she was on her was later in the evening then she should have been but she was on a train. She was safe. That part was definitely true. It was the call she received from her friend already at school telling her that their friend was stuck at the airport because they couldn’t get a taxi or an Uber to the dorm. This was about halfway until she’d get to school and we still had a few hours until she even got there. A few more hours of snow falling and streets being unplowed and possibly no way to the dorm from the train station. This wasn’t good. What to do?

She started to panic because she was traveling alone, her friend who was supposed to be with her decided to wait until Tuesday to go back. This was part of why my daughter wasn’t on an earlier train but I’m not placing blame. Anyway my daughter is now panicking and calling me. I tell her to call her aunt who lives up there who was able to find a taxi guy that was running still. Thankfully we thought all problems were solved. Then her train had issues of sorts and started running later and later. The taxi guy never responded back as her train was now over an hour plus late for arrivals. The few Uber’s there were weren’t taking the fare. She was now at the train station and we were really out of options. It was already 11:30pm and she got on the train at 6pm.

By some amazing miracle and I can’t even explain how, her friend heard she was stuck and drove 20 plus minutes to get her. He goes to a different school. He even stopped on the way to help out other people that got their car stuck. After he dropped her off he continued back to his own school which was easily 40 minutes away. Talk about a completely selfless act and a hero for us. I still can’t believe he did that for her. His reply was because you’re a friend. I don’t know too many people like that at my age let alone at age 20. He is truly a great person. My daughter got home close to 1Am which is when I went to bed. It was a long night.

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