Black Friday to cyber Monday

Black Friday to cyber Monday

Black Friday for those that don’t live in the states, is the biggest shopping day of the year. It is always the day after Thanksgiving which is ALWAYS a Thursday so this day is ALWAYS a Friday. There are a million sales in every store, crazy deals on merchandise and insane shoppers. Stores open at 12AM sometimes and people show up because the deals only last while the merchandise is in the store. You can’t get near a mall unless you have a lot of patience for both parking and waiting online to pay. I personally have never done Black Friday. To me it is as crazy as being in Time Square on New Years Eve. A pointless maze of too many people for an event that isn’t life altering.

Then the computer age was born and the world became an online superstore. Cyber Monday was created. Now this I can get behind. Sales on stuff and you don’t have to leave your house, hell you don’t even have to get dressed. My kind of shopping experience. This was still before my days of being handicap and I already enjoyed the benefits of purchasing things online and having them shipped to my home. Give me a cyber Monday sale and I was set. A website and a credit card and holiday shopping was done. Why would anyone ever go to a mall and deal with Black Friday crowds?

Well it did eventually affect Black Friday sales but I’m not going to go into retail numbers because that would bore me. How could it not. I mean it amazes me that people still go out on Black Friday at all. Now I get emails for those Black Friday deals for online purchases too. So I think it has now become a sale weekend all together everywhere. All I know is I can shop from my couch and still get in on all the sales. I don’t have to deal with mobs, lines, parking or the food court. Now ask me if I have bought all my holiday gifts for the year….I need to go online to shop. Have a great weekend.

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