The day of the stuffing

The day of the stuffing

I hope everyone had a yummy feast yesterday. I had a very nice dinner with my mom, stepdad, sister, brother in law and my daughter. We were a small group but still shared many laughs and lots of love. There were a few things I found humerus because you have to laugh when you have MS:

  • It was the first time I was using the ramp at my mom and stepdads home. There are three ramps in all and the first one gets moved for two areas. My daughter and mom were in charge of this part. Lucky I was there and knew what to do. They laid the ramp down in the first spot fine but my sweet daughter wasn’t so with it to understand how to get the ramp in the second spot. We finally got the together and it was up to the long double ramp stretch. It has to be taken in one motion. No stopping. So I go and at the end I hit the door a little. My nervous mom saying for me to take it easy. I’m going up a ramp. How can you take it easy. Like I have full control…it was sort of funny though.
  • I was thirsty, as I usually am due to my meds. I needed water. My daughter goes to give me a glass. My mom stops her and gives her a different cup. A non breakable cup. They know me too well that the chance of me dropping a glass is extremely probable.
  • Everyone is drinking from fancy wine glasses and water glasses and the first spill goes to my sister. Knocking the wine glass over. It was saved from breaking.
  • Second glass knocked over goes to my mom. A water glass. Also saved from a break but still another mess that wasn’t me.
  • The third missed pour into the glass was my sister. No glass knocked over this time but a little my liquid added to the same spots on the table.
  • The fourth glass was once again my mom knocked over while cleaning and one again saved from the break. I sat quietly and spill free with my non-breakable mug.
  • Upon leaving and once again going down the ramp was a little scarier then going in. I think I went a little fast or something and started to pitch forward. Thankfully my daughter was in front of me as I directed her to be. She stopped the chair but also shut it off in the middle when she was stopping it. That wasn’t fun. Although my daughter and I laugh at shit like that, especially with the nervous mom/grandma above us. Then I rolled over my daughter’s foot and all was right again.

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