A list of thankful Thanksgivings

A list of thankful Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving is here again. It’s time for family traditions of certain dishes made once a year with an extremely large turkey that is never eaten and always consumed for at least three days after today. My family all contribute a dish. I always make my carrot soufflé which I’ve learned to make for every single diet I am following. https://multipleexperiences.org/2018/03/16/carrot-souffle-vegan-or-non-vegan/. My mom makes a corn soufflé and the stuffing. My sister makes the soup and sometimes brings a vegetable. We now purchase a turkey which is a wonderful thing because my mother has dried out every single turkey she’s ever made. Thanksgiving’s always been my holiday because it’s my birthday usually right around the same date and we celebrate because the family is together. Over the years we have added one other tradition where we go around the table and say what we’re thankful for. This has become one of my favorite traditions because there’s so much that I am so thankful for and I’m so blessed. Since we try to keep it brief at the table I’d like to write some of them once again this year in my blog post.

  1. Family I am so thankful for my family which includes the extended family, step family, adopted family, inherited family non-blood related family and anyone else in this category that knows how much I love them.
  2. My dogs I love these little guys so much. They just are a little furball’s of unconditional love that want nothing but a little attention, breakfast, dinner, a couple snacks and everything you’re eating. In return what they give is beyond words.
  3. My condo, my view and my condo. What else could I say. I could sit here all day and just gaze out and I’m so content. I just love it here. I have so many blogs saying it and so many posts with the views but it’s my happy place.
  4. My new friends. The new people I met playing Mahjong and the new people I met in the building. I’ve become a little more social even with my handicap and I’m able to do it. That’s been a really nice feeling. It’s been wonderful being out there and meeting new people and enjoying the time I’m with them.
  5. Paying off the credit cards. One credit card is paid and I’m down to the last one. With only $500 left it should be paid off very soon. It’s taking a very long time and I had help that I am so thankful for because I couldn’t of done it without the help. 
  6. My handicap van I could not imagine life now without the van. I actually can’t imagine life without the wheelchair. I don’t really know how I was able to walk as long as I did. That van has kept me independent and I am so grateful to every single person that donated money to help me reach that goal to got me the van. That was probably the one thing this year that has completely changed my life without it I don’t think I could’ve accomplished half of the things I did.
  7. My spiritual path which has changed this year. I completed a third year of a course in miracles and I didn’t pick up the book for the fourth year. And yet I still feel like I’m living in my truth. I feel the change that I’ve been practicing for the past three years has actually shifted. I’m actually living in that spiritual path without needing a daily reminder. It’s an amazing thing for me to realize this year. I was witness to my own accomplishments.
  8. Accepting my MS another big battle for me this year was accepting the wheelchair. And I’m thankful the van was there and the wheelchair was there to make my life easier. I’m thankful that I was able to accept both things as a way to keep me more independent and conserve my energy so I can do other things. I’m grateful that I was able to move past the battle of this stage as I’ve done with many other stages of MS.
  9. I’m grateful I found a music Player that works when I’m swimming. I thank my fellow blogger Dix who introduced me to the possibility of it and even though I didn’t purchase the one that he uses I still would never of got one if he didn’t tell me about them. It makes swimming so much more fun.
  10. I’m grateful to be here. MS is a tough disease I’m not saying it’s not but I’m still here almost 22 years later. I’ve had very tough times and I know they’ll be tough times ahead and I’m still here. I’m still sharp thankfully. I still have my humor thankfully. I still have a lot of heart and compassion thankfully. I still smile and laugh thankfully. I am still living thankfully.

Even though you should be thankful every day For the blessings of this world and the world around you at least take this day to think about what you’re thankful for. Wishing everyone who celebrates a very happy Thanksgiving.

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