Skin deep and in deep

Skin deep and in deep

Do you self diagnose yourself through the internet? I have to admit I do and sometimes I’m right. You can look up signs and symptoms and tell what something is like my abscess. I was able to figure that out on my own, with the help of my aid, and google. I probably wouldn’t be able to diagnose MS or a major disease but simple things yes. I think I can logically get an idea. I’ve never jumped to crazy conclusions convincing myself of a doomsday scenario or that I had cancer, at least I haven’t to date. With that being said I think that my blisters Blisters and Rituxan and abscess Rituxan is NOT the cause of the blisters are actually something other than just an infection or MRSA, I think it may be Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS). The dermatologist said something about this but because I didn’t understand what she said I paid no attention. Plus I couldn’t pronounce it to look it up or ask a question.

So how I came up with this conclusion. I saw an infectious disease doctor on Monday. He looked at the scarring the blisters left and the abscess that is now drained. Since the culture proved incomplete due to the expired tube the sample was placed in, there wasn’t much to be said. He told me a month was too long for antibiotics fearing a built up resistance would be worse. Either way staphy or MRSA I was on the correct antibiotics to kill them both. This was all great until Tuesday when under my arm felt like I cut myself shaving, but I didn’t shave and it is below the armpit and slightly to the side. Today there is a lump. It isn’t red yet or pointy but it seems another abscess is forming while I am on the antibiotics. Not a good sign. So I googled and found the Hidradenitis suppurativa (HS) website. What really stood out for both my aid and I was the blisters and scarring on the breast because that’s exactly what mine looked like in the mild form. Then the abscess that is now healing and this new lump,,,could it be? This was the word the dermatologist said I didn’t understand and didn’t question in my appointment. I may be diagnosing myself but it just makes so much sense to me. Although thankfully I am not a doctor. I also remember the dermatologist putting this as a possibility to the side, but I forgot why. I’m just concerned with this lump under my arm and what this might be. I just don’t understand what else can go wrong.

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