The right decision to say goodbye

The right decision to say goodbye

Still struggling with making the right call on my Marshy’s death. I questioned why nothing showed up in his bloodwork, urine or stool taken 6 weeks ago. I biopsies a lump on his side and I questioned a strange growing skin tag. How is he gone six weeks after his annual that he was fine at?

My vet called me this morning explaining that cancer is different in dogs. There are some very aggressive cancers that can happen within weeks. Nothing showed up in any of his tests or biopsies, we didn’t miss anything. As sad as it is, it wasn’t there. I got the records from the emergency vet to send to her. She has been my vet since 2006 when my Boomer was 1, before Marshy even joined the family. She knows us all.


Age……: 11 years old (deceased) Breed…: French Bulldog

Date Due: Date Due:

Date Closed: Number:



Lung metastasis

Patient presented to our emergency services for evaluation of acutely rapid and labored breathing since yesterday, inappetence and lethargy. Patient is currently on no meds. Patient has no history of other prior pertinent medical problems.

O: WT: 27.8 lbs T: 102.1 F. DQR. HR 100 sys. Sinus rhythm. No audible heart murmurs. Fair and synch femoral pulses. mm pink pale <2sec. 6% hypovolemic. RR 60 wider chest excurtions. no crackles. Normal PLR/Menace. oral exam unremarkable otherwise. Aural exam unremarkable. Peripheral LNs within normal limits. Abd: soft/pliable and there are no palpable masses. No fluid wave. Rectal exam: unremarkable. No hematochezia. Non palpable urinary bladder. BCS: 5/9 well conditioned. Ambulatory on all 4. No palpable MS discomfort or instability. Normal cranials and peripherals.

A: lung metastasis

r/o decompensating heart/pulmonary edema (lesser consideration)

P: 1) Chest lateral and vd radiogrpahs. diffuse patchy radiopaque, circular interstitial infiltrates consistent with metastasis.

2) I discussed findings with owner and a decision was made to humanely euthanize patient due to terminal state and acute deterioration of genral health.

3) Sedated to witness.

4) 18G ivc R cephalic

5) propofol 6 cc iv

6) Euthasol 6 cc iv

We are very sorry for the loss of this patient and under those circumstances.



There is no doubt in my mind that you did the right thing.  This is an appearance that is typical for a very aggressive type of lung cancer that metastasizes very very quickly.  Even if it was found at the time of primary tumor formation only, the course of the disease is so fast and aggressive and sadly this cannot be changed with surgery or chemo even under the best of circumstances.  I hope this allows you to be at peace with his crossing over to the other side.  I am picturing the reunion of Marshy and Boomer above any of these images or his short while of not feeling well. I am thinking of you and sending my heartfelt condolences. 

 I will miss Marshy too, but my heart rests easy knowing that he did not have to suffer.   A dog could not ask for more love than a dog that is blessed to land in your home. .    

Kind regards

Dr. Marghoob

It does bring some peace of mind but to my head not my heart. I miss my boy.

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