Birthday celebration

Birthday celebration

She only turns 21 once. All I know is my fridge is stocked with alcohol. The main thing she wanted was a bottle of champagne to open on her 21st birthday.

Then we took some cute I’m 21 pictures.

She wanted a few with me although I was far from dressed for the occasion.

This was the last year of her balloons and gift that I sneak in her room on her birthday morning. I’ve been doing this since she’s been like 5. However these balloons were worth it.

My aid and her family bought a delicious ice cream cake.

Then she had dinner at her grandparents house.

I would say, even with the quarantine. She had a very happy birthday.

2 thoughts on “Birthday celebration

  1. Good morning and congratulations on your birthday (for her and you too) In these tragic times the sight of such a splendid young woman smiling broadly is surely a welcome diversion and cause for celebration. May God Almighty keep protecting you and show her the path to stimulating success in her career.
    Un baccione. Arrivederci.
    P.S. Please save a little piece of that delicious cake for us too.

    1. Good morning so nice to hear from you. Thank you for her birthday wishes. She had a nice day. My beautiful daughter. Hope you are doing well and are all safe.

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