Blast from the past

Blast from the past

Last night I started chatting with a friend from college. He was introduced to me by my roommate on the first day of college. My roommate and I lived together for the four years we went to Plattsburgh. We even stayed up there the summer after we graduated. We had other roommates with us as well but we were always the constant. I was in a sorority, she was far from that. It didn’t matter, we just worked as roommates. For all those that don’t know, my daughters name was picked out when I was in college. Long before I had a husband. Her first name Mikayla was from my big sister in my sorority. I just loved the name and at the time in 1990, I never heard it before. Her middle name is Ilyse which is actually my roommate’s middle name.  although we spell it differently than she does.

Anyway, my roommate introduced me not only to this guy but a group of them. They all ended up pledging a fraternity. So not only did I know this guy from day one but I hung out in all the places he was too. I really can’t imagine college life without him. We even had a freshman class together where I learned that the past tense of to shit is to shat. I still tell that story to this day. We were laughing over a book report that we had to do for this class where I had a read Wuthering Heights that was 500-600 pages and he had to read a book that was 40 pages. The teacher liked him a lot more than she like me.

God, that was 30 years ago already. Long time. It was so fun to talk to him. I really can’t imagine college without him. He was in our room, or apartment all the time. although that summer after we graduated when we lived with a bunch of them, my roommate will tell you, that was the most disgusting place I’ve ever lived in. Those boys were gross. Unfortunately I had to cut the conversation short, it was getting late and I was tired

My daughter is starting her senior year of college. I hope one day she gets an opportunity to look back and remember how great college was. I miss people I loved and lost touch with. It was just nice laughing at our memories last night. I’d like to do better at reconnecting.

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