Happy Birthday Mikayla

Happy Birthday Mikayla

Another year has gone by and my daughter is a year older. 22 years old, do you remember being 22? Part of me feels like it was yesterday and the other part feels that it was so long ago. It was 27 years ago to be exact. She is 22 which is the age I met my husband. Five years from now I’d be giving birth to her. It’s crazy to think that she is starting her life. She graduated college now and is starting to figure out what is next. She will be going for her masters in psychology, we established that. She unpacked from her college apartment, not an easy task. She has helped clean out our storage locker so that she can put things away in there. She has been busy. In a few days she’s going to Florida to visit her grandparents. Then she has to really get back into life decisions. At 22 she has her whole future ahead of her with so many choices. It is an exciting time. My beautiful 22 year old girl has so much to look forward to. I’m so proud of all of her accomplishments. Watching what is to come is more exciting to me than when I went through it. Maybe that’s part of being a mom.

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