The first day of the last year

The first day of the last year


i never saw my daughter so nervous about going to school.  She’s a senior this year. Aren’t seniors supposed to rule the school? She has had mini nervous breakdowns all weekend. “I know no one in any of my classes.” To me that’s a good thing maybe you’ll concentrate more to a senior guess this is really bad. Gym is the worst. That is the class that’s been causing the most angst.  I have to call her school later and see if I can do anything about that.  I guess that one I can understand. It’s like lunch, gym is clicky and girls are mean in high school. My poor girl also freaked out over applying for college by December and going off to school next year. Her words were “I don’t want to grow up I want to stay 12”. Well college was my favorite years.  You couldn’t pay me to repeat high school again. However growing up, I can relate. It was definitely easier back then.

Do you even remember what it was like when you had no responsibilities? You biggest bill might have been the used car in the front of your parents house. Your stress came from a test only.  You slept in past 6am.  Your friends were mostly idiots and you really didn’t care. Sometimes I miss it sometimes I don’t. I miss not having to live with MS for sure. That I would have appreciated more in hindsight. I miss the carefree attitude of it all. I miss the freedom of the responsibility. However I’d rather be where I am today. I’d rather have the struggles I went through. The wisdom I’ve gained.  The stuff I’ve aquired. The daughter that I have. The dogs that I have. The home that I made. My life isn’t as carefree but I am ok with that because I’m pretty happy with what I got in return. Hey look at that another appreciation blog and I didn’t even intend it. High school is so hard on kids. You remember but in some aspects you also forget. How many times as parents have we said, “I was a teenager too, I know what your going through”. We do to an extent. We have no idea what it’s like in this technological world with social media. OMG to quote a teenager. How horrible that has to be. I liked being able to call the guy I liked hear his voice and hang up ANONYMOUSLY because there was no caller ID back in the stone ages.  These kids their whole life is on snapchat, Instagram or Twitter.  Facebook is for old people. Well I as a parent of only one have now hit her first day of her last year of high school. A bitter sweet day. This will be a bitter sweet year. Then my daughter will be off to really begin life. My greatest gift in the world is and always will be my daughter Mikayla.


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  1. Awww. Little bee! I tried to find a meditation to share with her to calm some of her anxeity and put her in a more positive frame of mind. There was shockingly little out there for teenagers. Or at least that I found. There has to be something decent. Maybe you can look too. She said it doesn’t help but she just needs to find something that can hold her attention and she would just need to practice with it a little bit

    Was texting her yesterday. Thinking about her. Sweet post! Yeah high school was kinda the worst at times for sure

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