A happy outcome when made a positive choice

A happy outcome when made a positive choice


Yesterday I had to make my way to the mall.  When I first got there I couldn’t find any parking where I needed to park. They had these new spaces that were for the handicap now call Simon reserved parking. This I guess is for people who have some kind of card with the mall.  All the malls by me on Long Island are Simon malls. So I guess this is Simon pass whatever it is have priority parking and it actually put the handicap parking spots behind them and limited the number of the spots in this particular area. This was the first thing that got me a little annoyed but I try to remain calm because there is nothing I can do about this. I ended up parking very far away but I had the scooter so I zipped right in.

I had to go to the Apple Store because my Touch ID wasn’t functioning anymore. I had no issues getting into the store and I had an appointment and was seen within 10 minutes. The nice Apple Store worker took my phone into the back to run a diagnostic. When he came out he had a grim look. He explained he couldn’t help me because my phone was refurbished and a had a third party screen. Therefore Apple won’t fix it.  I sat there shocked. I paid $150 up front and $27.50 a month for over a year for a phone that was refurbished!!!! How can they sell me a refurbished phone? I never had any incident with this phone it is the original. The Apple Store worker told me that unfortunately this isn’t the first time this has happened and he felt terrible. He explained some options but I knew I had to go to the store I bought the item from.

This is the main part to my story. As I was driving to the store I purchased my iPhone from which is a Verizon authorized dealer, I had two choices; go in screaming about them selling me a refurbished phone or go in with peace.  I actually choose to go in with peace, non accusing or judgmental and not angry. Why? First of all the person who actually sold me the phone was probably not going to be the person I would be talking to and second because it would get me nowhere but angrier and upset. I walked in explained the situation and the nice man looked into my account. Guess what? Turns out I was the one mistaken  I forgot that a month after I bought the phone I dropped it in the toilet and had to replace the phone. I didn’t of course remember it until the Verizon salesman showed me the phone history. I was so happy that it was my error and this little store I’ve shopped at for years were honest people and I was the one at fault. I was even more grateful for the choice I made to go in without judgement and accusations. The expierenced went from being upsetting to working out.  The Verizon salesman was able to come up with a way for me to upgrade early for a new phone. He spent probably 2 hours with me. Turned out we also found out my birthday 11/22 was his anniversary date too. At the end I walked away happy and the whole day I remained happy. It was a simple choice that change the entire way that situation could have went and it went positive and peaceful. What an easy choice to make again if faced with a similar situation. Just to go with peace and love, an open heart.


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