I DO NOT have a green thumb

I DO NOT have a green thumb

Actually I’m pretty sure my thumb, in the gardening world, has been injected with plant poison. Can’t blame this on my multiple sclerosis. I have managed to kill every plant I owned, which even includes cacti, except for one…meet Droopy

This plant was given to my husband when he opened a Cold Stone Creamery in Glen Cove about 13 years ago.  The store is gone, the husband is gone, but Droopy remains.  The ONLY reason this plant has not been killed by me is because when it needs water, the leaves drop down. Give it water, leaves perk back, plant lives…hence the name Droopy.

Now I have this Aerogarden hydroponic salad garden growing and I have to be honest, I’m a little scared.

These little things are going to become plants. I need to feed them, water and prune them. I was able to buy the model that tells you when to feed them and add water but I still can kill them. They can get some bug, or crushed because I didn’t move the light up. They could overtake each other for space and end up killing each other. There are a million things that can go wrong.

The three tomato plants scare me the most. They say that the tomato plants need to be thinned. I’m suppose to cut them so only one stem is actually growing….however that on the regular tomato plants these are the mini plants and I can’t find the answer if I should do the same on these…

What if I cut them and leave one stem left and then the whole plant dies? See I’m very nervous. This is what happens when your track record with plants is alive 1 dead 276.  Doesn’t exactly give you a high hope of confidence.

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  1. Please keep us informed on your plant journey. I too lack a green thumb and one of my daughters gave me, of all things, for my birthday last month, 3 (count them – 3!) plants – an air plant, a mini orchid, and a succulent. That is a lot of confidence to put in someone who has managed to murder several bonsai trees and some cacti (and I live in Texas – cacti should be a no brainer).

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