The holiday weekend

The holiday weekend

I guess the holiday weekend technically starts today for this household. Tonight I take my daughter to the airport.  She will fly to Virginia to see her dad. As much as I know she is excited to go, she’ll miss being home. For her mom, that’s me, I always miss her when she’s gone. However for the first three days of the trip, I’ll be occupied. Tomorrow morning I’m picking up my friend, adopted family member,  who will be staying with my dogs for the weekend. I will be going up to my sisters with my mom, step dad aka Bucky and my cousin for the weekend. We have a jammed packed weekend too. Friday night is a party co-hosted by my sister at her favorite restaurant. There will be tons of people, great food and alcohol. Sounds like a great night to me. It’s even more special because we get to meet my sister’s friends up at her home whom we’ve never been able to met, only hear about. She moved full time upstate this last year but has owned her home for 3 years now. It will be nice to see that part of her life we don’t get to see when we come to visit. Saturday is Rogue One movie day and a nice dinner after. It is the first night of Chanukah which we celebrate but I think we are doing gifts Christmas Day anyway.  So Sunday is gift day followed by brunch with my other cousin family and their extended family.  It’s going to be a wonderful weekend. In the back of my mind I’ll wish my daughter was there but she is usually somewhere in the conversation and always in my thoughts.  My blogs might not be the most insightful over the next few days due to the schedule. I wish everyone a very Happy Holiday Weekend. Peace, Love, Light and Safty.

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  1. Have a lovely holiday, my eldest son is in another country and it will be the first ever Christmas without him, so, lets keep them in our hearts and enjoy what we can lots of love for the holiday season xx

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