Boomer a life of love and grace

Boomer a life of love and grace

Good morning and happy Sunday. I had a very beautiful  Course of Miracles lesson today:

By grace I live, by grace I am released

By grace I give, by grace I will release

Today my sister is having a memorial for my deceased dog Boomer. My sister, mom and step dad don’t really love animals. They understand that I love my dogs and they all understood how my heart broke when Boomer died. As my sister said it, my soul connects with the souls of animals.  I think most of us who have pets can say that they become part of our family. Their love is unconditional and that is a wonderful gift. A dog leads a simple life they just want love and affection and in return they’ll give you that unconditional love forever. They lead a life of love, compassion  and grace.

*** ( please understand I can’t talk about animal cruelty here and what happens to a dog or how a dog can be conditioned to be a killer without breaking my heart…that’s because of bad people not bad animals) ***

My lesson for the day is about grace ; a gift of love and forgiveness given to us by God because he desires us to have it, not that we had to earn it.  A dog holds no grudge. They forgive you for not coming home on time or for yelling at them. They sit with you when your sad even though they don’t know why your sad. They protect your home and the people in it because they love you and want to keep you safe. They love you when you gained weight, got a bad haircut or aren’t wearing make-up. A dog loves you because that is what they know, love. Show them kindness and they will show you endless love and loyalty. More love than you can ever give.  It’s my goal to look at people the way my dogs look at me, without judgement, condemnation or biases. To look at people with the unconditional love and grace that an animal has is an aspiration of how I’d like to live my life.  I found this very fitting for my lesson on the memorial service for my beloved a Boomer.

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