Fate vs Coincidence

Fate vs Coincidence

I’m sure you can understand that after my dog died, I was in a little depression. I stayed home for almost a week straight not moving from my couch until I had to get my hair dyed. I must say as far as missed or canceled appointments, when it comes to coloring my hair, I don’t miss that day.  Anyway, in my depression, through my many tears, I decided to watch the series Lost again. I saw the series when it aired. I use to call my step sister to explain each episode to me. She is a Lost super fan. She knew everything about the show, the theories, things normal viewers missed. I use to get off the phone with her and wonder if I saw the same episode she did. She still is a super fan. I loved a line from the show and posted it on my Facebook account:

“Don’t mistake coincidence for fate”

The first comment was from her saying, “Are we quoting John Locke?”

Lost was such an original and well written TV show and I’m still watching the series but I’m almost done. However it was this one line that has stuck with me and actually brought me out of my depression.

Fate vs Coincidence

I’ve had posts about this in the past but I am a believer in fate. I believe things happen for a reason and I always have. I believe that this puppy came into our lives to help us heal because Boomer’s life was coming to an end. I believe it wasn’t just for me either but for my other dog who lost his brother.

I believe that you make the wrong turn and arrive late for a party for a reason. You may never know the reason but there is always a reason. I believe life is a series of events that lead you to met people that come into your life that you otherwise wouldn’t have met. I believe that the people who come into your life are there to teach you something, although that lesson may hurt, there are always reasons you need to learn the lesson. I believe in fate.  

There are some that will totally agree with me and some that will totally disagree. That’s okay. Belief is ones own right to choose. I am not here to change anyone’s mind. Just want to say on June 2, 2016, I inquired with a breeder about getting another dog. For six months my daughter hounded me for a dog. I joined both the French and English bulldog rescue group starting in September sometime and 1 week before my dog died unexpectedly ONE WEEK BEFORE, we get a puppy….FATE OR COINCIDENCE?



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