I have a cold, caught from my daughter

I have a cold, caught from my daughter

Can’t avoid these things can you? I knew I was going to get sick. I’ve been trying really hard taking precautions but I’m sitting here now sneezing and coughing. I don’t know why but every time you get sick and you have MS  it just seems like everything goes wrong. I’m not achy so to say, but my limbs feel very heavy. I feel fatigued even though I’ve done nothing. I didn’t even work out today. I try to stay in bed and sleep a little longer, but unfortunately with the puppy I had to get up. So instead of getting up at 5:45, I got up at 7:15. It wasn’t like I was really sleeping during that time, but I was lying in my really cozy bed. I got from my mom and stepdad for the holidays the most amazing sheets and blankets that I have ever slept on. They are called Soft and Cozy from HSN and were the best sheeted I ever slept on in my entire life. I told my mom that I need them to buy me like five more sets in every color it comes in.  I’m gonna keep my blog short today because most the time I actually speak my blog and then correct all the errors. Today, I’m actually losing my voice so I’m gonna stop talking. Tomorrow is another day I hope everybody has a really nice weekend.

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