Life with a new puppy

Life with a new puppy

Okay I have to write about the puppy.  Meet Zoey…

Zoey has been with us for one month tomorrow.  For anyone who hasn’t read my blog, she came to us one week before my beloved Boomer died un expectantly. Talk about the universe knowing what you need. If I wasn’t a believer, I certainly would be now.

The first few days with Zoey were tough. She was four months old but had an upper respitory infection and Giardia. She wasn’t housebroken and as most puppies do, peeing everywhere. I started her training as I did my other dogs, I kept her on leash attached to me whenever she was out of her crate. This puppy training was a lot easier when my multiple sclerosis wasn’t as bad.  The constant up and down is very difficult on my legs. She was starting to get the idea of where to go after the second week. My daughter and I rented a steam cleaner and washed the rugs in the house because of the number of accidents. Over the last two weeks she really has been a superstar. She really goes in the correct place 97% of the time for peeing. Pooping, that’s another issue and the Giardia has been treated now for the second time but I don’t think it’s gone…again.

I honestly believe Zoey came to us to make losing Boomer easier. I have no other way to explain it. Not only easier for me but for my Marshmellow. Marshy was younger than Boomer and all he knew was Boomer.  Boomer being gone affected him too not just me. Now he had this little girl who follows him everywhere and plays with him, he didn’t have to be sad. 

I must admit when Boomer died, I blamed it on Zoey’s arrival. I know it was irrational but I was grieving for my dog, and Boomer hated her. When I did come back to reality I realized she was a gift to help us heal. Four weeks later, I love this puppy. She is so sweet and cuddly and loving.  She is doing really well, except for the Giardia, but she put us back together again. The universe had my back and I’m so thankful for that.

10 thoughts on “Life with a new puppy

      1. I’ve never known a Frenchie, but they look great. Of course, this time 2 years ago, I had never met a bulldog of any kind and now look at me.

        1. English bulldogs are the greatest breed. French bulldogs are more affectionate but more high strung. Not like the couch potato English lol

          1. If you had seen Stella flipping around on my bed after breakfast this morning, couch potato would not have come to mind. She’s still not sure she likes my room, but has decided that a little jumping on the bed fits her lifestyle. Lol.

          2. lol I hope you write about it. Once in a blue moon Booner get this energy run around the house like her tail was on fire.

  1. True! The universe knows what we need, though we might not agree with it sometimes. Sorry for the loss of your other dog. But good you found Zoey. Zoey looks adorable
    – sarojavasanth

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