The Internet is written in ink

The Internet is written in ink

I received a message on my Facebook from a guy saying how he reads my blog everyday, even though I completely trashed him. He said how he thinks I’m brave and strong fighting my multiple sclerosis, but of course that isn’t what stuck in my mind at all.  I couldn’t imagine who I was ever “trashed” to in my blog. I never use names although most of the time the person I am writing about knows it. Then it dawned on me who wrote the message and which blog it was and I felt awful. I sent him a private message but according to Facebook messenger, it was never picked up. My step sister said that  I was a little mean after I wrote that blog originally way back in September and I remember telling her I certainly wasn’t intending to be mean AT ALL. I even re-read the blog and I see where my head was in writing it but it obviously wasn’t read that way.  Regardless what I intended I offended someone and I am so sorry. Most people that know me, know I’m a nice person. I have my moments but I’m genuinely kind. My intentions were not to hurt another but to sort through my own thoughts. My fault is I don’t think or perceive how someone else may read it. I am so sorry I hurt this man. He was a very nice guy and I wasn’t honest with him like I said I would be.  I was really the asshole, not him. I wasn’t honest because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings so instead I decided to write a blog, hurting his feeling. I’d say that was a GIGANTIC dick move by me.

The Internet is not written in pencil, it’s written in ink.

it’s my favorite line from The Social Network. It’s also very true. I as a blogger need to remember that.  Now I know his name or identity isn’t at all linked to the blog in anyway, it is a valuable lesson to learn and remember. Your blogging appears on the Internet and can be posted, shared and linked a thousand times. It’s important to uphold some values in blogging to avoid hurting someone or humiliating someone. I find that there is an ethical line to blogging. Use your words wisely. The Internet is written in ink.



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  1. Wise words, thank you for sharing, as a newbie to blogging with a bad memory, I’m constantly worried about making a massive blunder. You’ve given me a good insight to follow.

    1. Even without the name he still knew it was him I was talking about ? My bad but I’m new too so I’m learning

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