Dog, daughter and puppy whole lot of love

Dog, daughter and puppy whole lot of love

Enjoying another happy Saturday with my family. I’ve been up very early this morning with Zoey. At 2am I had to clean up her cage she had an “accident”. She hasn’t had an accident during the night in weeks. Ok no big deal all cleaned up and everyone was tucked back in until 5am. I wasn’t surprised since we are up around that time anyway. Then I did something new, I put her in my bed with Marshmellow and I. She slept in my arms until 7am. I literally can go back and remember having the same nights with my daughter. Who says puppies aren’t like bringing up kids? My kid, maybe I was having mommy withdrawal today. My daughter was accepted to her first choice school which isn’t far, right in NYC. However she informed me her first day of class was August 25th. I’m pretty sure that Zoey was given to me by the universe to heal Marshy and I when Boomer passed away and also for the love of new dog when my daughter leaves for college.

Zoey really is like bringing up a baby. If I had a nickel for every time I said “NO, Zoey” I wouldn’t have to lay out a cent for dog treats. I just bought a whole bunch of puppy teething rings that has certainly helped give me some quiet time for an hour.                    The only thing is you need one for her but one for Marshmellow too. Can’t have children getting jealous over each other’s treats. The problem is Marshy eats faster and it never fails….    The theif steals it and my quiet moment is no more. So now I’m back to “NO, Zoey”, running (ok I have MS there is no such thing as running) after her grabbing everything from her mouth and redirecting her to her safe chew toys. In case she can’t seem to find one..she’ll go through them one by one testing out each chew potential.  Finally I get lucky and they all, daughter too, settle down.   I wouldn’t change a thing except for bringing my Boomer back. Love comes in all shapes and sizes and I love all the love that is in the household.


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