Yesterday was a good day-a mom’s worst nightmare

Yesterday was a good day-a mom’s worst nightmare

At 5:58pm, my daughter calls me from her car. She tells me she’s annoyed with her boyfriend. This is an ongoing conversation over the last 2+ years of their relationship. She said she wanted to drive for a bit before she had to be at work at 7. The conversation lasted all of 3 minutes. At 6:03 I received another phone call from her hysterically crying, she was in a car accident. It was the call I’ve been terrified of since July 2016, when she started driving. I couldn’t even understand what happened or where she was because of the tears, but I finally got some information. I had to hang up with her momentarily as I got from my house to my car, by the time I called her again, her boyfriend was on the scene. He told me her car was messed up but the car she hit was fine. Other than being shaken, my baby girl was okay.

On the scene I saw her car and the other car. When she called me she was on her hands free link and that’s all controlled by the steering wheel. After she hung up, she looked down for second and when she looked up, the car in front of her stopped. She was too close that even when she slammed on the brakes, there was not enough room to stop. My daughters car..

the car she hit…..r

A little crack in her bumper and a paint chip. This was the kicker, as soon as the report was written and the police gave us both the copy, the other driver says, her neck and back hurt she needs to go to the hospital. I was absolutely blown away. This road was a 30mph street. However my daughter was probably going around 20mph. With all the damage to my daughter’s car, the airbags still didn’t deploy, because the impact wasn’t at a high enough speed. Honda civics crumple, actually Honda’s crumple, it’s part of their safety feature. However airbags deploy based on a sensor. The impact that these two cars hit,  wasn’t at a speed high enough to trigger the sensors. I have multiple sclerosis and don’t pull this bullshit in an accident. Not to mention, my daughter’s boyfriend works on cars his whole life and was talking to her, when she was out of her car. She was bending pointing, walking around claiming all this damage and cost etc. The whole hurt, hospital thing was extremely fishy. Could she have been jolted, of course, but it just seemed very odd and unsettling to everyone around. This lady isn’t my concern, I’m sure she’s fine and if she is trying to do something shady well, that will be dealt with when it needs to.

Yesterday was a good day. I got the call that has been in my nightmares since the day my daughter started driving. My daughter made the call and my daughter sat next to me on the curb talking to the police officer. My daughter got angry the lady was taken away in an ambulance. My daughter was driven home by me. My daughter drove my car this morning to the auto body shop and was able to get over the fear of being back in the car.  My daughter is on the other couch laughing at a tv show. Yesterday was a good day.

7 thoughts on “Yesterday was a good day-a mom’s worst nightmare

  1. People are a trip. Always looking for a payday. It could have been worse and thankfully your daughter is okay. This is one of the worst things a parent experiences.

  2. So glad she is ok!! Working in the ER, I see so many of these accidents that are minor and major, but every one that involves a new driver is always the scariest. Mainly because we know that this is prob the first for every aspect of the event for driver and parent. Sounds like you got a tough chick there Momma!! ??

    1. Thank you. I totaled my car the day after I got my license 30 years ago. I still remembered the fear on my mom’s face. It was a minor accident for my daughter but the fear is the same and brought up my own memory and fear so it was doubly difficult. I just am so thankful it was minors.

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