My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure

My guilty pleasure…, I watch all the real housewives. I know a very odd admission but I watch each installment of the franchise. It’s my guilty pleasure. Look I have multiple sclerosis, I need a fun sort of pointless fun. It’s entertainment watching all these extremely wealthy women argue over the stupidest shit. I may have a girl crush on Erika Giraradi aka Erika Jayne, i definitely have a crush on Lisa Vanderpump. I started watching Dancing with the Stars, because Erica Jayne was on it. My mom been telling me about this show for years. She’s baffled as to why I don’t watch it. Side note she asks me about the Bachelor and Bachelorette each year too, but I’ve drawn the line with my housewives. Anyway, New York is my favorite until I watch New Jersey. Then New Jersey is my favorite. I mean I cried when Theresa Giudice came home from jail. However it’s all forgotten when Beverly Hills airs because my girl Lisa and now Erika are on. How could the others stand up. Not saying that Orange County, Atlanta, Potomac, and even Miami (before it was canceled) weren’t completely entertaining but they aren’t my favs.

I felt like talking about a guilty pleasure topic today, what’s your escape? What’s your guilty pleasures?

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  1. Pointless fun is the best kind of fun. If fun gets too pointed, it gets sharp and un-fun and more like stepping on a tack.
    Guilty pleasures, mmmm, watching really old ’60s TV shows from when I was a kid and actually remembering some of the episodes, but I know my kids would think they are stupid, so if anyone walks in the room, I turn them off real fast. The bulldogs tolerate them. I’ve even caught Stella taking a peak at one now and then.

    1. My dogs, boomer included, have watched many many many hours of my pointless real housewives shows and have listen to my colorful commentary along the way. I’m sure they’ve been awoken out of many naps by me screaming at the TV lol. We all need our pointless tv, never a need to turn it of regardless who enters the room. 🙂

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