Social security disability doctor evaluation not what I thought….

Social security disability doctor evaluation not what I thought….

I spent the morning in the doctor’s office for my daughter. I had a 9:00 appointment and wasn’t seen until after 10:00. It wasn’t because she was sick. It wasn’t because we needed to run tests. It wasn’t even an appointment made at our request. It was made because social security required an outside doctor to meet with her for her social security disability application. I thought it was odd, my daughter is deaf, she has prosthetic hearing in the form of cochlear implants, what were they looking for.  She also has migraines. The problem is she could never get an MRI because cochlear implants actually implant a magnet in her head. A doctor can only treat her migraines based on her word. I really wasn’t sure what this outside evaluation was looking to prove. I was somewhat at a loss.

We waited for over an hour, on a school day, 15 minutes from our home, to be asked a few questions by a doctor. Not even questions related to the fact that she is deaf with prosthetic hearing or even anything about the migraines but questions related to her psychological problems, if there were any. WTF!!! They retrieve notes from her doctor, audiologists, and school to attest to the fact she’s deaf but they needed an outside doctor to determine if she’s nuts. Tax dollars well spent. I mean really if there were any behavioral problems, wouldn’t the school have documentation on this? Just saying. Or maybe my child has hid it so well that no one in her 12 years of schooling has ever seen any evidence of it but the twelve questions in the social security evaluation performed by this doctor would uncover the secret.  I mean really, come on….however the evaluation was free…yippee.

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