Mandatory sisters to voluntary best friends

Mandatory sisters to voluntary best friends

Besides my beautiful daughter’s 18 birthday this week, I’m going away this weekend. I’m going to the Spirit Junkie Master Class with Gabby  Bernstein. What is it? Spirit Junkie Masterclass Live is a weekend event where you’ll gain the confidence and business-building tools you need to live your highest purpose, make an impact and earn for your great work. Not only to I get the privilege of attending this live event, I was able to bring a companion. I asked my older sister to come with me.

As excited i am about this event, I’m just as excited about being with my sister. I’ve feel a disconnect with her and I’m praying for healing. I believe the universe not only made it possible that I have the opportunity to be at this event, but to have her with me.   Not sure what’s been happening lately, I feel that she’s a little short with me, or I’m a little short with her. I’m a little sensitive with her, maybe she’s a little angry with me.  Here I am trying to make new friends and I’m having issues caring for my closest relationship, which is her.

When I was married she had the most amazing speech. I use to cry every time I’d hear that part of the wedding video. I haven’t seen the video in 10+ years but I’ll always remember the line she said, “we went from mandatory sisters to voluntary best friends”. No matter what, she will always be my sister. We went through divorced, marriages, and disease. We’ve said goodbye to grandparents and aunts. We’ve gone to bat and bar mitzvahs with long services and countless weddings. She’s my sister and goes through almost everything with me. I love her immensely. She has a good heart, a beautiful spirit and a kind soul. I want to be able to laugh with my sister again. I want to be a part of her good and bad day. I want to share in her successes and worries. I want to know the good, bad and ugly without a worry or concern I’d ever judge. I want her to remember how much she is loved, admired, adored and cherished in the eyes of her younger sister. I want to be back to the voluntary best friends like I know we are.

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