A list of some of my favorite binge worthy TV

A list of some of my favorite binge worthy TV

In my four walls of multiple sclerosis, I’m home a lot and I watch a lot of TV. If I read it’s usually self help books but I use to read a lot. I loved serial books which is why I love TV, it’s serial. Forgetting books and reading for now, I wanted to list some of my favorite shows I watched old and new but available on Hulu, Netflixs, Amazon, HBO, SHO, Cinemax etc. these are not in preference order….

  1. Game of Thrones-HBO I actually read the books too.
  2. Lost-Netflix
  3. House of Cards-Netflix
  4. Orphan Black-In final season on BBC America prior episodes on Amazon
  5. Vikings-still running season 5 to be out in November on the History channel prior episodes on Amazon and Hulu
  6. Sons of Anarchy-Amazon, Hulu and Netflix
  7. Bloodline-Netflix
  8. Animal Kingdom-in second season now on TNT see season 1 on Amazon
  9. The walking dead- still running into its 8th season on AMC catch prior seasons on Netflix
  10. Homeland-SHO
  11. Shameless-SHO
  12. Veep-HBO
  13. The Crown- Netflix
  14. Arrested Development-Netflix
  15. Covert Affairs-Amazon
  16. Ray Donovan-SHO
  17. Westworld-HBO
  18. Billions-SHO
  19. Catastrophe-Amazon
  20. Fortitude-Amazon

This is just SOME great shows, I didn’t put in my real housewives, the Sopranos or Boardwalk Empire because some shows are givens for people based on their own taste. I tried to give shows you may not have watched, forgot about or meant to.

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