My English Bulldog and me

My English Bulldog and me


This was the breeders picture posted of my Boomer (the breeder called him Stewart). He was 1 of 6 in the litter. When I finally got the “yes you can get the dog” from my then husband, it was Boomer and the girl Molly left. The breeder had a family coming that afternoon to take my Boomer.  Heartbroken I said I’d take the girl Molly and wired my $200 deposit. To my wonderful delight I got a call that the family choose Molly, Boomer was mine. The next day we piled in the car for the three hour trip to somewhere in Pennsylvania. I remember walking into this house, this little runt running around a corner, bending down scooping him up and walking out saying “pay the man”.  Who knew that day was going to be the beginning of the most special relationship I would ever have.

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When I got divorced and sold my house, Boomer was just shy of a year old. When we moved I started letting him sleep outside of his crate. He would come into my room and sleep in my bed. My whole world was different and there was this lump of love. Laying next to me each night, keeping me company, helping me not feel so afraid. This English Bulldog, who scared himself when he barked for the first time, that he ran and hid in my closet was helping ME feel safe. Boomer made me feel safe.


An English Bulldog is not the most affectionate dog.  I’d come home from work and he wouldn’t jump up to greet me at the door. I’d get that look, kind of like the one in the picture above. Sometimes he’d pick up his head first just to check it was indeed just me before laying back down. Then we’d start the boomer up, up to get him out to go for a walk.  This is the laziest guy. This ritual happens every morning too.  He gets breakfast in bed, prince Boomer I dub thee. Then the up, up ritual. Dog hasn’t peed for 10-12 hours and it’s like trying to get a kid to eat vegetables. EVERYDAY!!!! Finally he lazily gets up like how can we disturb his slumber. As soon as it’s over, he assumes his daily position.


Once in a while something stirs in him. He decides he needs some love. This usually is at 4am when he decides to sit on me, when I have a king size bed.  All 70lbs of him, suffocating me until I move or get up to use the bathroom, which is when he curls up on my side of the bed to go back to sleep. He’s a little scammer but for him, I’ll move. For Boomer I’d do anything. He isn’t the most affectionate but he lets me hug and kiss me all I want to. He’s the most easy going dog. I have to always wipe his folds, check his ears, put drops in his eyes daily and even clean the fold in his tush, and he lets me. He just sits and let’s me. Then he lets me kiss him on his soft head and wrap my arms around his body and hug him.  He might not sit next to me on the couch but when I leave the living room to go to my bedroom he gets up and comes to the bedroom. He doesn’t lick my face and shower me with love when I use to come home from work. Now maybe because I’m home more or because he’s getting older, he sometimes gets off the couch and greets me if I’ve been out all day.


Boomer is turning 11 in February. The average life span of a bulldog is 8-10 years. I’ve always known Boomer would be above the average his head is smaller then the normal bulldog but he’s still almost 11. When I think about the day I might have to say goodbye to him I start to cry just at the thought of it.  He was MY first dog. My father had dogs but never me. Boomer was my first and he will always hold the most special place in my heart. I wrote this post today to celebrate the wonderful love a dog could bring.  How much a dog can bring joy and love to a life a truly a precious gift. I love my Boomer ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️




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  1. I just started letting Snoopey, one of our OEBs, sleep in bed with me about 2 weeks ago. Why Snoopey? Because she is a sad sack, a 75 lb. sad sack that wrestles me for space on my twin bed. I feel sorry for her. I should write about that.
    Peace and long life, Boomer!

    1. And Stella allows this??? The queen probably has her own quarters. Lol. I couldn’t imagine not hearing the gentle snores.

      1. Stella is weird about my room. She will come back for a short visit, but always seems in a hurry to leave and get back to her crate. I think she is afraid that the others will appropriate her royal furnishings. Also she does not want to get onto the bed, even with lots of help. Snoopey leaps aboard.
        Someday I may try moving Stella’s crate into my room, but I don’t look forward to the look of horror that will come into her eyes when I pick it up.

  2. This is such a beautiful post and one I can so relate to. We lost our first dog just about 3 years ago. He was a border terrier and such a wonderful friend, companion and family member. He was my husband and my first “baby” and when our son was born the two of them were inseparable right away. He turned 12. We have two dogs now. One of them is his daughter, the other one is a rescue we got after he passed away. We miss him very much and he has definitely left a big mark in our life. Enjoy your Boomer for as long as you can. I’m sure he will be around for many more days. And he will always be there for you after he left too.

    1. That was such a nice reply, I cried. Losing a pet is so sad. my daughter wants another puppy so bad and I am like one please away from saying yes…it’s horrible. I’d take them all. Plus I signed up to be a foster home for French and English Bulldogs. I’m going to live in a crazy house lol.

      1. My son didn’t stop crying until we brought our little rescue home… It really helped. Not that he stops missing his buddy but he immediately had someone else to look after and it really lifted him out of this spiral of sadness. I love that you signed up for being a foster mom to them. Yes, I bet it will be crazy but it will be good for all of you.

  3. On my!!! I love English Bullies!!! I also have pics of ours. His name is Thor! He’s a ham! I love when they growl and moan to get our attention……thank you so much for posting! I love him!!
    Tamara <3 <3 <3

      1. Awwe, thank you. I cannot get enough of English Bulldogs. I love everything about them! And, they make me laugh so much! LOL LOL… Hope you post more on your bully, too <3 <3 <3 I will show my son your baby.

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