I’m a dog person

I’m a dog person

My mother and stepdad aren’t animal people. They don’t dislike them but neither of them grew up with animals so they never wanted one. I was only allowed fish when I was younger. Imagine the horror when I came home with a bunny my senior year of college. Let’s just say the bunny ended up at a pet store before I moved back home. Within a month of me moving into my first apartment I ended up with 2 cats. I loved my cats and by the time I was getting a divorce from my husband we we’re dividing 5 of them but nothing compared to my dog. My dad had the dogs when I was growing up. I use to love playing with the dog, petting the dog, walking the dog, I loved the dog period. My dad use to say to me all the time with the cats, “but you’re  a dog person”. He was right. I just needed my first dog to prove that. I truly did love all my cats but I will never own one again, I’m a dog person.

My mom, stepdad and even sister don’t like to come to my house, they don’t like the dogs. My dogs aren’t the best trained. Marshy is 30lbs the problem with him is he jumps on people and his nails are sharp. He started this because his brother, Boomer, who recently passed away, was much bigger and everyone could pet him easily. Marshy use to use boomer as a step stool to reach people and then started jumping on people without the help of Boomer. He’s now 8 and I never broke the habit…my bad. Now Zoey is following the same pattern. Although Zoey doesn’t care about people walking through the door, she only cares what marshy is doing. Zoey is definitely the smartest of my three dogs I’ve owned but she is also the most dependent on the other dog instead of her owner. If I want Zoey to do something it’s easier to get Marshy to do it first and she’ll follow. Makes me worried for Zoey that when Marshy passes she won’t do well as an only dog. It’s a silly thought really because she’ll never be an only dog and if she is, it wouldn’t be for long. I like having 2 dogs.

Anyone who knows me, knows my dogs are very important to me. They are part of my family. My mom and stepdad, they might not love animals, but they fully understand how I feel about mine. These are the  two people who got the call at 11:30 at night Christmas Day when my Boomer died. I maybe more attached to my dogs because I’m single and I am home a lot. That’s ok by me, because I’m pretty sure they like having me around too. My dogs just make me smile.

I am not really sure the point of today’s blog I just came home this morning after therapy and was so happy to have my dogs with me, I wanted to write about them.

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  1. I am living with my mother right now caregiver/companion and she does not like animals either. She doesn’t even like going to the zoo. When I have the opportunity to live alone again I will definitely be getting an animal. Not sure whether a dog or a cat. I’m not sure if I have the balance and the stamina to take a dog for a walk. I am more of a dog person. I cats seem to really like me. I see the value of animals in a persons life! There is a sense of security and serenity, that you can’t get anywhere else.

    1. It’s the reason why I don’t live with my parents. We’ve talked about me moving in with them many times for my health reasons and financial reasons but it’s my dogs that always squash the conversation.

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