Ocrevus infusion still not approved, I kid you not…

Ocrevus infusion still not approved, I kid you not…

You can’t make this sh@t up. I get a call from the girl working on my infusion authorization, my insurance company wants to know the name, address and telephone number of my pharmacy where I am currently getting my prescriptions. The girl who called me really tried to be professional as possible but had the same reaction I had which was…


Will you be sending Ocrevus to my local CVS for me to pick up and take to NYC prior to my infusion? Would the benedryl and steroids be there as well? Should I pick up an extra pick line or gauze just in case? I mean really what was the need for that information.

Last Friday I called and was told the approval was in the final stages and I should have a decision later that day or Monday at the latest. Monday I was told that they requested this ridiculous information about my pharmacy as well as additional clinical notes.

Additional Clinical Notes???

This is the company that denied Rituxan and listed every other FDA approved drug for MS that I could consider. I’ve had MS for 19 years, I’ve been on Avonex, Rebif, Copaxone, Betaseron, Gilenya, Tysabri, and Rituxan, not like I’m just diagnosed. Not even like Ocrevus is the most expensive therapy out there.

Tuesday when I called they had the nerve to say they finally received the clinical notes they requested on Monday…duh because they were just requested Monday. I asked to speak to a supervisor finally and explained nicely all my concerns listed above but mostly that my appointment for this infusion is Monday August 7th. I was told I’d have an answer within 24 hours.

I’m already 3 weeks behind on my infusion at the appointment date, if I need to appeal I’m 5 weeks behind at the very least.  Then I’m seriously concerned about a relapse, like in 2014 when I had that gap changing from Gilenya to Tysabri. That relapse forever changed my life because it is the one that truly disabled me. I’m still hopeful as is the infusion center who has not yet cancelled my appointment. Hopefully today I will have a good answer.

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