Mammogram scare for no reason

Mammogram scare for no reason

Last Monday I had my routine mammogram. I never worry because to me, I already had multiple sclerosis, that was more than enough. However, I do have to admit, that my fingertips have no tactile feeling so I worry that I may not feel anything on a self breast exam. Last week I was so preoccupied and stressed dealing with the approval of my Ocrevus infusion that when I got a message from my doctor about the mammogram, I was completely taken off guard. She just left a message that I want to discuss the results and what we need to do next, I will attempt to call you back later but I’ll leave the results with the nurse. I immediately called the office and got on with the nurse.

I’ve been at this group practice for over 20 years,I have no idea who this nurse was that delivered me the results of my mammography. She was so hard to understand. English wasn’t her first language. She said your results showed that they needed more scans in the right breast. I’m sending over a prescription for you to make an appointment. I immediately asked was it because they saw something or they just didn’t get a clear picture? To which her reply was you need more scans I’m sending over a prescription. Once again I asked was something seen in the scan or were the scans not clear? Her response, yup you guessed it you need more scans. I finally said I had a sonogram too, did that show anything? Does that need to be repeated too? To this she told me she’d have to speak to the doctor and get back to me. When she called back and told me I didn’t need to repeat the sonogram just the additional diagnostic on the right breast, I asked once again did they see something? I still didn’t get an answer. I left a message for my doctor to please call me back. I’m still waiting.

I had to sit with this fear until I had the appointment for the additional scans. I was so fortunate that I was able to get an appointment the next day. As soon as I got there, I asked for a copy of my results from the original test. It completely says on the sonogram, no findings of any kind of cysts or growths on either breast. On the mammogram left breast was fine, right was inconclusive. The scans weren’t clear enough. WAS THAT SO HARD TO RELAY TO A PATIENT. It was clear as day in the report. Instead I was made to worry for 24 hours for no reason. It was inexcusable. I never heard back from my doctor. The radiologist read the second set of scans while I was there to make sure everything was clear and I got a clean bill of health. As I was walking out, all the adrenaline and fear went whoosh down my legs and I barely was able to walk to my car. All that fear for no reason. However, I’m grateful it was good news and that made it a good day.

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