A happy peaceful New Year

A happy peaceful New Year

I was up really early this morning. I meditate before I get out of bed, but it was still super early. It was so early that after being fed, both dogs are back to sleep. One next to me, one on me. I have things on my mind that I can’t put in my blog yet but hopefully will be able to within the week. Good things, slightly stressful, but definitely good. It is the Jewish New Year today. Happy, healthy New Year to all my Jewish family and friends which includes myself. I personally am not religious, spiritual yes, religious no. I’ve always done the right thing by my family and observed the holidays by going to dinner. Yet I never went to temple, I never had a Bat Mitzvah, and I don’t speak or read Hebrew.  I realized when I woke this morning I never wished half of my family a Happy New Year. This year, it just kind of escaped me even though I knew it was the holiday.

I use to think I was an atheist. I thought I believed in nothing but that wasn’t true. I just don’t believe that religion should be a reason to hate another person. That’s what I believe. Why should it matter to me what god you pray to or what truth you believe about your creation. If it doesn’t affect me, why should it bother me. Years and years ago, I remember Jehovah witness would go door to door spreading their gospel. They be in the airports too. People use to get so angry, why? If it wasn’t your belief say no and that’s the end of it. Why does religious beliefs always take us to the extremes. Isn’t that the issues with half the wars and fighting in this world, religion? I just don’t understand it, and maybe I am naive, but everyone has a right to pray to whomever they desire and believe whatever they desire. What does it matter? Why does who your praying to matter in my life? It doesn’t so pray. I know, if it was only as simple, if every one was only as logical and that isn’t the way the extremists think or believe. I just will never understand the hate that comes with religious beliefs.

Anyway, so here I am in a very quiet house with two dogs sleeping and a daughter asleep in her room. I’m pretty sure that my dogs don’t care if I was Jewish, Catholic, Buddhist or praying to the mighty chew stick. This was definitely an odd turn on my blog but it is my honest opinion. I wish it was that easy and life could be peaceful. It’s not, we read it everyday in the papers.  It just would be so nice if it was.

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