Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, got to love the puppy Zoey

Zoey, Zoey, Zoey, got to love the puppy Zoey

“Zoey No, Zoey leave it”, two phrases I repeat at least fifty times by noon. Zoey’s 13 month birthday was yesterday, isn’t it supposed to be better now? I guess it is, she stopped eating the coffee table and my dining room chairs. She also stopped eating the tote that holds her toys. However, she is still a very large fan of coffee and if I forget and leave my coffee on the couch unguarded, she knocks it over to drink it.

She will still eat my stylus if I leave them out. Luckily I have many because I couldn’t blog without them. She is still eating poop ?. I have tried everything which has included changing her food to one that cost $120 a month, nothing helps. Therefore she still has Giardia, because she keeps reinfecting herself. She’s smart. In the morning she’ll poop in one of her designated spots then as I’m cleaning that she runs to her second spot does it again and eats it, knowing I can’t get there fast enough. Sometimes she’ll do it right in front of me like she knows I can’t get up as fast as she can eat it. Ugh!!!

However yesterday takes the Zoey cake. She was playing with a toy that was a spider. I noticed one of the stuffed spider legs came off, but it was big, didn’t think much of it, until it disappeared. I looked all around where she was playing, or chewing I should say, and the big fat spider leg was gone, she ate it.  Zoey is little maybe 16.5 pounds the leg was the size of an adult pointer finger and fat.


Except my word response was actually four letters and rhymes with suck. Once again out came the hydrogen peroxide some peanut butter and a small bowl. Zoey gobbled it down and threw-up, all over the house, the spider leg as well as everything else she consumed. After I finished cleaning up the seven spots she ended up throwing up in, I was exhausted but relieved that I didn’t have a thousand dollar vet bill removing this fat thing from her belly. I don’t think it would have ever passed through her system. Yet when it was all over, my sweet ball of fur, came over and put her head in my lap and went to sleep.

 Got to love Zoey.


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