A morning in the life of Marshmallow and Zoey

A morning in the life of Marshmallow and Zoey

I’m coming back in my next life as my own dog, what a life they have. Every morning I wake up and before I even get out of bed, it’s morning puppy time. It’s scratching bellies and behind the ears with smooches on the head. Then it’s yum yum time. A phrase both dogs know means food. Zoey jumps out of bed for the preparation of her yum yums. Marshmallow is getting older, he comes when it’s ready. After breakfast there is a ritual to go outside. A normal thing for dogs but not my dogs. They are both house trained as well so chances are I’ve been up at 5 or 6am for them to “do their business”already. Of course you’d think they are house trained, why do you get up? A very logical question and it’s because Zoey is still eating poop. I need to pick it up before she eats it. I’ve tried everything and now we’ve gone drastic to a shock collar. We are on day 6 and it’s going well but she’s been under supervision,it’s when she’s not supervised, that will be the question.

Anyway, yum yum eaten, outside air received and Marshy is on the couch back to sleep. It’s been exhausting for him. Zoey is into everything. Usually we find her balls to play catch. I think she likes the search for her balls more than the actual game. She gets so excited to see what we will find under the couch. The rest of the morning, until Zoey naps,  is keeping her away from my coffee, saying leave it, no Zoey and good girl. By this point, I’m exhausted. Usually I’m flanked by each dog sleeping. I’m the annoying one then who disturbs them when I get up to use the bathroom, which is unfortunately frequently. Zoey usually follows me to make sure I’m safe and resumes position when I sit back down. It’s a tough morning  in the life for Marshmallow and Zoey.

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