Can barely walk but still driving

Can barely walk but still driving

I have no idea how but thank god, I can still drive. I don’t drive much and I don’t drive far so when I’m in my car I really enjoy it. Especially on days like today when the sun is shining and I have the sunroof open. I love listening to my music way to loud. I use to love smoking and driving but I quit years ago. My car has brake hold. A wonderful feature that holds the brake when I’m stopped at light. It takes so much pressure off of my foot. I try to avoid parkway driving. However when I’m on the parkway, I utilize my cruise control like hand controls. I set my speed then adjust it according to traffic. I’ve been driving on the parkway like this for years. It has become second nature for me adjusting speeds accordingly. My foot always stays close to the brake. Like I said because I’ve been driving like this for so long, way before my MS got worse, this has become my hand controls and have not needed to get the real thing yet.

I really don’t drive much to explain how little I drive, my car that I leased in July 2016 still doesn’t have 4,000 miles on it. This includes my daughter using it for 2 weeks after her car accident putting on over two hundred miles and 3 or 4 different trips to NYC that I personally didn’t drive. My car, where I absolutely love it, is easy to get in, difficult to get out. It’s even more difficult to get my walker and my scooter in. Everyone tried to talk me out of a two door car, but I refused. This car I knew would probably be my last fun car until I got the car that fit a full wheelchair either in it or on the lift behind it. My daughter, actually,  just asked about buying out my car when my lease is up. It’s a great car and the mileage will be low. It is probably a very good idea. I have another year and 9 months or so but I’m not sure if I will last that long out of a wheelchair. In the meantime, for my brief rides and times in my car, I’m blasting my tunes and cruising along totally enjoying my freedom.

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  1. I have recently been assessed for hand controls. Sometimes I don’t know whether my right foot is on the break or the accelerator. I have very little feeling in the bottom of my right foot. I’m anxious to get the hand controls but am waiting for financial assistance. I am bemoaning that I need them, but I’m very glad that I can still drive!

  2. If that car makes you happy and you can still drive it, I would say keep it as long as you can! It really is a beautiful car!!!! I know things are not guaranteed with MS, so I think do what you love and do it as much as you can handle! I was so happy reading this post today!!! Take care and don’t think wheelchair, until you do not have a choice!!!! Love the car!!!!!!

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