2022 Going Out with Vertigo

2022 Going Out with Vertigo

Happy New Year everyone. It is officially over. We made it through another holiday season. I started 2022 in the hospital with Covid and ended at home with a new symptom, Vertigo. I never had this before. It came out of nowhere. I was watching TV on December 30th and leaned my head to the side. Wow, I was spinning ?‍?. What the heck is going on now?? I can have low blood pressure, that was my first thought. Of course I couldn’t find my blood pressure cuff anywhere. I thought maybe my sugar is low. I where a glucose monitor,through Signos, for weight loss. I know my blood glucose levels at all times. I am not a diabetic. I can have a low level glucose but it doesn’t ever last long. My levels were in the normal range so I was able to rule that out quickly. My heart rate and O2 levels I see on my Apple Watch. They were both fine. I couldn’t understand why I would be dizzy out of nowhere.

When nothing changed after a few hours, I took too google. You know google makes you think that you are part MD. I knew vertigo is a big symptom with multiple sclerosis. It is so common that they say 20% of all MS patients will experience vertigo at some point in their lives. That is 1 in 5 of all patients. However, I have had multiple sclerosis for almost 25 years. I am definitely in the secondary progressive stage of the disease. I recently did that round of steroids hoping that it would give me an extra boost. That was just about a month ago. The idea that this vertigo is MS would mean a new symptom developed. I personally don’t think that makes any sense. How can that be??? I haven’t developed new symptoms since my last relapse in 2014. Even then, it was worsening of symptoms that were already present. Numbness and weakness I had in my hands and legs just got considerably worse and spread. I was curious could it be MS? I googled what causes vertigo in MS. According to WebMD

It usually happens because of a lesion around your brainstem or on the small brain structure above it called the cerebellum, which helps control your balance. A new lesion could bring vertigo. An older lesion that grows can do it, too.


I haven’t had a MRI in about 3 years. Is there a new lesion? I know that my migraines were said to be a result of swelling of my old lesions. Could I have a lesions that swelled out of nowhere causing this? I know for a fact that I have one very large lesions on my brain from my very first MS attack. However, since then most of my lesions are through my neck and cervical spine. I know that all the doctors, that aren’t my neurologist, will immediately blame the MS. My neurologist will probably say that it can’t be MS because it wouldn’t come on suddenly. They might also want a new MRI. My guess is I am not going to get an answer. In the meantime I did exercise that I found online. https://youtu.be/voZXtTUdQ00. I was super dizzy in the beginning but it got better until I finished. I really got nauseous after. My aide ran to get me a bucket. Thankfully it passed. I’m not looking forward to doing it again for the second time. Hopefully this will help. Wow!!! To anyone who has ever had this or lives with this, I really feel for you. I am hoping this is temporary.

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