My daughter growing up beautifully

My daughter growing up beautifully

I’m happy to report that my vertigo has passed. I did speak to my neurologist who said that migraines can cause vertigo. I have had migraines for well over 15 years and never had that experience but whatever. My aunt also suffers from migraines. She had a spell of vertigo last year for the first time in her life. Her neurologist told her the same thing. I really didn’t think it was a new multiple sclerosis symptom. I really haven’t had new symptoms in years. Thankfully it wasn’t a new symptom because I couldn’t imagine dealing with that on a daily basis. I don’t even walk. I was dealing with this in my bed. My heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with vertigo in any way.

This is a good week for me because my beautiful daughter is home for a visit. However, she is home because she needed mom. She broke up with her boyfriend of 2 years. She broke up with someone she loves and who loves her because they were in different places in life. I am so impressed with her because I couldn’t have ever done that in my own life especially at 23. Maybe one day the timing will be right but only time will tell. My daughter and I have had many conversations over the last few weeks since her breakup. It has brought up my own errors in my past relationships, specifically my ex boyfriend. The very toxic relationship that she unfortunately watched from the ages 11-16. It was good in the beginning but so bad at that end. I have regretted the example I set for her. I feared she would follow in the horrible direction of dependency on men that I gave her. She has grown up so much. I’m so amazed by her. She isn’t going to follow in my footsteps. She is going to be so much stronger than me. She deserves the kind of man who puts his first. Who looks at the two of them as one and makes decisions based on both of their needs. She deserves to be loved unconditionally. She gives all of her heart in a relationship. That she might get from me. Her heart is big but it is also honest and loyal. She is a wonderful woman. A boyfriend needs to appreciate her. I think she is realizing this. A lesson I didn’t learn until I started my spiritual journey after my breakup with my ex. It helped me so much, I gave my life coach to my daughter. She has been working with her for 5+years. She might be on a different spiritual path but she’s learning. I wish I knew this stuff at her age. My daughter amazes me. I’m happy she is here. home

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  1. Also amazed by and proud of the way she has grown up and happy for you both, to know such a wonderful bond. Miss you both and sending love ❤️

  2. Good for your daughter, better realizing he’s not the one now than 10 years from now.

    I had my first bout with vertigo a few years back while swimming. it was really scary !

    Happy New Year! 2023

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