New Year Intentions

New Year Intentions

Christmas is in two days. Another year has come and gone. I spent last New Years Eve in the hospital. I never could have imagined that 2022 would be such a difficult year for me. It was 22 my number. I thought great things were going to happen. I wrote that post 3 days before I got sick. I was so excited that it was 2022. My head was stuck on the fact that 22 was my angel number and lucky number. Therefore all good things were going to happen. I certainly read that sign wrong. In retrospect I would say this last year was very difficult health wise, stress wise and quality of life wise. Yet there were also significant changes that happened that I believe needed to happen. I found my spirituality again. It wasn’t that I completely lost it but I certainly wasn’t following it daily. I found strength in myself. I didn’t think I needed to find my own fight anymore but life sometimes throws you curve balls.

I had to once again adapt and accept my multiple sclerosis disabilities. I thought things were tough before I went into the hospital, and they were. I was doing more by myself that required energy. Energy that I didn’t always have. Now I can’t do half of what I was able to do. My independence has become dependence. You’d think that having people do for you would help your energy level but because everything is so much harder, from turning over to transfers, it doesn’t. I had relearn a new normal. I has to accept a new normal. That was the really hard part. I had to be okay with more limitations to my life. My unfortunate hospital event basically fast forwarded my multiple sclerosis symptoms by at least 2 years in 2 months. I didn’t have the luxury of the slow worsening of my symptoms that was bound to come and put me in this position one day. I had what seemed like a relapse without a relapse. I got sick covid. I got sick with a pneumonia. I was in the hospital for over a month. A series of unfortunate events.

So here I am looking at 2023. My life coach asked me if I had any resolutions for the new year. My answer was only to say I’m good more than I can say something else. It isn’t a resolution, it’s an intention. It’s been a very tough year and not only because of MS. It would be lovely it 2023 would be a simple year. I have everything I need. I have my super supportive family, my lovable dogs, really caring aides, friends and I’m so grateful. I hope when you think of the new year, you could also set your intentions. In the meantime, I wish everyone a Merry Christmas, if you celebrate. If not a good movie maybe and Chinese dinner. ?

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  1. Wahoo for contentment. I have been so distracted I have missed some posts I’ll go back and catch up. Because t the last one I read had new aide issues so I’m super happy to see caring aides in your list of greatfulness.

    1. You certainly haven’t missed much I’ve been quiet lately. It is on my list to be more committed to the blog again. However more importantly to be committed to other people’s blogs too. Happy New Year.

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