Why I Chose Bionic Gym

Why I Chose Bionic Gym

I wanted to share the link to my Facebook event for Bionic Gym.


I just love Bionic Gym. I’ve been talking about it since day one of using the gym. I was planning on showing you my Apple Watch stats for two of my workouts days I talk about in the Facebook video. First the workout where I just let it run until the battery dies. This is the one I do nothing to increase my heart rate. The second is the 2 hour Bionic Gym workout routine. I workout my arms for the first hour and let the gym continue running through the second hour.

Unfortunately I got l a new phone and it didn’t recognize my Apple Watch. I had to reset it to pair. I lost my day’s activity which was the one where I sit with the gym on until the battery runs out. I’m going to use ones from a few weeks back because being on high dose prednisone effects heart rate.

This isn’t even the most regular results because I was sick right around this. However, these results are from my bed!!!!! That is the most important thing to understand. These two workouts are real workouts of someone who is disabled. These are my real Apple Watch workouts stats. Trust me I can give you my soaking wet shirt to prove the results too. This is why I love Bionic Gym and this is why I believe anyone with a disability should own one. It just works.

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