Expect the unexpected

Expect the unexpected

The universe works in weird ways. If you ever pay attention you’d see some amazing things. Yesterday the craziest things happened but I have to first start with what happened the day before.

For a while I’ve been wanting to reach out to my old boyfriend. I just wanted to stop pretending to hate him. I wanted to be able to text him every once in a while to say, “hi, how are you?” He gets an inside look into my life by reading my blog, I just wanted to see how he was doing. He was nice but honest that he and his wife made an agreement not to have any kind of relationships with their ex’s. I respect that, what else could I say. I struggle through each day just to walk, I am hardly a threat. If you really cared, don’t you think a friend is what I need? That was my first thoughts and it made me sad. However I kept with my Course in Miracles workbook lesson for the day that finally gave me the guts to even write him, let miracles replace all grievances.

Well the next day I just was in a bad mood and no workbook lesson was helping, so I wrote my life coach. She happened to have a time slot open. When I talk to her about life lessons and the universe, I really already had my answer. I admitted to him something that I’ve only wrote in my blog. I don’t hate you. I care too. That isn’t a bad thing, that’s a wonderful thing. I don’t need to be his “friend” to tell him I care, I was able to tell him in a 2 text exchange. Then things got really strange…

I went on Instagram, which I very rarely go on, and liked a picture from a guy that I went to high school with. Haven’t talked in easily 8 years. A few minutes later I received a message. It said that it was so strange I liked his picture today because he was thinking about me. He was in MT Sinai hospital in NYC (which ironically is where neurologist is) and was waiting to talk to someone and happened to see an article on Ocrelizamab. He wanted to take a picture and send it to me until he realized the article was from Feb/March. He found it crazy out of all the times I could have liked something that it was the same day. We sent a few emails back, baffled at the irony of timing.  Again, I don’t think we’ve exchanged words in 8 years. CRAZY!!! Wait it gets even crazier.

I woke up this morning to a message on Facebook to a dear friend that I use to work with that we just lost touch with maybe 6 years ago because of life. Out of the blue he messaged me and it put such a smile on my face because he is such a great guy and I’m so excited to talk to him again and catch up.

You might say these things are all unrelated and maybe you’d be right but I believe it’s the way the universe works. I said goodbye to one friend and opened a door to two more. I was always a guy’s girl and love my male friends. To me yesterday was an unexpected chain of events.

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