My blog year in review

My blog year in review

My blog is 1 year old tomorrow. I just woke up one day and said I want to write a blog. I didn’t know who would ever read it or exactly what I was going to say, I just knew I was going to be honest. I knew I was going to write about my life and struggles with MS, my daughter, dating, and my dogs. So much has changed in the last year since I started writing.

  1. My dog Boomer died. This broke my heart this year. Boomer was 6 months old when my husband and I separated. When I sold my house and moved into our apartment, Boomer started sleeping out of the cage. Every night he’d sleep on the bed with me. Boomer was my first dog I owned. He was my dog and I loved and spoiled him. He was my rock and his fur held many of my tears. Losing Boomer took a piece of my heart away that will never come back. I have 2 other dogs that I love immensely but none will ever be Boomer.
  2. I became vegan. I’m asked a lot, why? It wasn’t because I watched were our meats really come from, I could NEVER watch that kind of slaughter. I saw the movie Forks over Knives and it made sense to me. I thought the less processed, more natural food I consume the better it is for my body and what is better for my body is better for my Multiple sclerosis. It will be 7 months now and I don’t feel different but my digestive track has been reset and fixed. For that reason, it’s been totally worth it.
  3. I stopped dating. It was just getting to hard for me. I didn’t have the energy anymore. What I need is a companion or a friend. I can’t do anymore what girlfriends are expected to do. It’s hard to be on these dating sites with a chronic condition to start with. It’s even harder when you can’t hide your chronic condition, I walk with a walker. It’s near impossible to be on these sites when you can’t do most of the activities the date wants to do. I had to realize IF I was to ever met someone it was a chance meeting not on a dating site and even still I think it’s more on a mutual companion level.
  4. A Courxe in Miracles. This is the biggest part of my spiritual journey. In wake up and read the days workbook lesson before I will pick up my phone, iPad or turn on the TV. I’m currently on lesson 342 of 365. When I’m finished I will just start over. This book changed my life. It’s changed my thinking. I’ve learned to forgive those who hurt me but mostly I learned to forgive myself. This book helped set in motion a guidance system for me that I follow and have followed everyday for the last 343 days.
  5. Stopped talking to my ex-boyfriend or he stopped talking to me. It started roughly around the time I started this blog. He was a very tough period of mine. I was in a very dark place for a very, very long time. It was over my blog year, my writing, my Course in Miracles that I found forgiveness and understanding both for him but mostly for myself. I had so much shame, embarrassment, regret, and anger, it took me a long time to work through. I don’t hate him, I don’t blame him.  I was there, I was in it and I own that. This is what my spiritual journey taught me. I’ve learned to forgive and let it go.
  6. Expect the unexpected. I never knew of this whole blogging world. I never knew there were so many other warriors out there fighting through a disease or challenge and blogging. I met some amazing people out there from all over that have touched my life in a comment or their own blog. I thank all of you for showing me what an amazing community blogging is.
  7. My daughter graduated high school. She’s going to college no is living in NYC. This lead to the realization I needed help and with that started the process of getting an aide. The aide started this week.
  8. Started the process for Ocrevus the new FDA approved drug for MS. However, it is sister to Rituxan which I’ve taken for over a year now.

I want to thank everyone who has ever read my blog, made a comment or subscribed. I can’t tell you how much I’ve appreciated all your support and encouragement over the last year. I hope that my blog touches someone, somewhere, somehow, and that in the end is my ultimate goal. Thank you for making this a wonderful first year of blogging.



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  1. Hi, it’s Serena, Matthew Greenstein’s fiancé. I only started reading your blog about two weeks ago after seeing Howard Greenstein at the house and he shared your blog with me and I subscribed. I went back to read what I could. Truly inspiring for all of us with MS. Your journey is ever changing and I’ve enjoyed being a part of it! Looking forward to another year. Btw, my twins also graduated high school and I have a similar situation with both of them since they were born at a pound and a half each, 3 months early. I too have had a long road with their special needs. Now they to are going to college in the city. What a journey I’ve had with them! Well, take care and keep writing!

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