The day after the worst of the Covid vaccination

The day after the worst of the Covid vaccination

I’m doing better today. I slept all day yesterday. I even ordered a pizza because I was too sick to microwave or mix up one of my salads. I was so sick that when I was getting a slice one fell on the floor and I couldn’t even bend to pick it up. I let my dogs eat the pizza. I thought Zoey ate it mostly, however this morning Minx has been sick since he woke up. My poor little guy. I tried to give him pepto but it didn’t stay down. He looks so mopey it’s breaking my heart.

I did a revised workout this morning. I can’t get on the floor because my wheelchair was fixed the other day. My insane way I got myself up off the floor doesn’t work anymore now that the controller arm is actually fixed to work the right way. Without the arms swinging to the inside, I can’t use my chin to raise my chair up. The good news is they are going to install a button on the side that I could press that will raise the chair up and I can press that will lower the chair down. Who knew that such an easy thing could be accomplished. How would I have ever known that such a thing could be added to the chair without the rep being in my house? There are a couple of things that actually could help me when I’m on my floor. He told me to speak to my representative who sold me the chair if I ever have a any other questions. That was good to know. Meanwhile, I am going to get this button but it won’t be here until next week. I rigged something that may work until then but i was way to sick to try it out Now I’m waiting on my aide because I don’t want to try it out alone.

Working out even though it was extremely revised might not have been the smartest thing because it’s made me slightly achy again. I just took Tylenol. I have a feeling I’m gonna have another day or two where I don’t feel great. I’m just hoping it’s not anywhere near as bad as yesterday. Yesterday was certainly rough. However other than a shower I’m just taking care of Minx. Wishing everyone a very happy weekend.

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