Covid vaccination reaction

Covid vaccination reaction

All I can tell you is that sucked. I had a rough night. My whole body ached. I couldn’t even sleep through it. I found that ibuprofen did not help and when I finally took Tylenol that took the aches away. I was able to finally get a little sleep between the hours of seven and 10. However I was up again at 11 because it was time for aspirin and my body knew it. Now I’m just waiting for the Tylenol to kick back in because I’m achy. It’s not just that I’m achy, it’s all the MS shit that goes with it. My legs are extremely tired my arms are tired. I’ve had about five urinary accidents, thank God I’m wearing a pad. It was just a really rough night and I’m happy to be home on my comfy chair and not have to move. Whenever you’re getting the vaccination I would strongly suggest not making plans for the couple of days after.

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