Covid vaccination dose 2

Covid vaccination dose 2

Here I am in the back of my own van. My stepdad and mom are in the front seat. We are on the way to the Bronx for my 2nd Covid vaccination. My appointment was supposed to be on Thursday but snow is expected for that day. So we are on our way. This time I locked the wheelchair down and put on my wheelchair seatbelt. The backseat of my van is not the easiest place to sit.

Between the straight as a right angle seat and the fact my feet can’t even reach the floor, not my favorite spot.

I’m a little worried about the second vaccine. I must of had a delayed reaction to the first vaccine. Possible delayed Covid vaccine reaction or just Multiple Sclerosis. I have heard many mixed stories of how people where affected from the second dose of the vaccine. More people getting sick from the Pfizer. My mother was very sick from her second dose. So much so that my stepdad is sleeping over tonight in case I have a reaction. I got the Moderna vaccine but they are still concerned and I’m a little concerned too. Last thing I need is flu like symptoms. It is never JUST flu like symptoms with MS. Everything affects your MS symptoms. Hopefully this will just be overconcern and everything will be fine. I’ll keep everyone updated.

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