Possible delayed Covid vaccine reaction or just Multiple Sclerosis

Possible delayed Covid vaccine reaction or just Multiple Sclerosis

I want to start this blog by saying that normally I’m a hot box. I’m wearing T-shirt’s in winter, my sweatshirt is my idea of a jacket and I normally like the air a little chilly. This hasn’t been the case this year. I’ve been cold, especially at night. I’ve been waking up having slight chills making me crank my heat in my bedroom to ridiculous temperatures. Last year I could count how many times I even turned on my bedroom heat. I don’t know what has changed but something certainly has made me bundle up much more this year. I’m still having my moments after I eat anything warm that I start sweating because my body isn’t regulating temperature correctly and I may be having hot flashes Hot flashes. Yesterday I had severe chills.

I woke up not feeling great and happened to take my temperature which was normal 98.3. As the morning went on I just kept getting colder. I was bundled in my pajamas, leggings, socks, a sweatshirt, blankets and I’m next to the heat that is blasting. Across the room the temperature of the house is reading 75 degrees and I’m and I’m so cold my body is shaking and my teeth are chatting. I took my temperature again and it was low, I mean like crazy low 95.8 I took it four or five times and it never got better. I start googling low temperature and Hypothermia is coming up. I mean WTF is going on here. If I didn’t happen to take my temperature earlier in the morning I wouldn’t of believed it myself. I’m questioning if I needed to call an ambulance for myself.

That’s when the days of Betaseron shots came flooding into my memory and I immediately got up. I used to have nights I’d get severe chills when I’d do these shots. The only thing that helped was a hot shower. That’s exactly what I did. I cranked up my bathroom heater took of my clothes and jumped in the hottest shower I could handle. Knowing the heat was going to affect my MS symptoms, I dressed in easy but warm clothes after and rebundled myself. I didn’t call anyone. I retook my temperature every hour. Three and a half hours later my temperature read 98.1.

Crazy….but I have to think it was from the Covid vaccine I took on Thursday. Just really really delayed. I just don’t know but I had to say the story just in case it happens to anybody else.

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