Hot flashes

Hot flashes

I am not sure but I might be having hot flashes. I honestly can’t tell because I get the same issue with my MS. How are you supposed to tell the difference? I can overheat,from doing nothing, and start sweating anytime. I’ve blogged numerous times about the issues with MS and regulating body temperature. or

In the last few weeks I’ve been having these hot flash things. I mean the heat creeps up and I break out in a sweat. Not a glistening a full on sweat. It always seems to happen around the same time too. That’s what I find the strangest. The early part of the evening right after I feed the dogs. I seem to always be stripping off my sweatshirt and getting the hair off my neck. Then eventually I regulate myself again but it may happen after I eat.

I did have a theory. We have new heat/AC units in the house and they work amazingly. Except for it can get very warm even set at a low setting. When the sun is out, even in the winter, it heats up the apartment. I get direct morning sunlight. I sometimes don’t turn the heat on until later in the day when the sun starts to move over the building. these new heaters don’t take long to heat the apartment, sometimes they just hate it too much. By 4 o’clock, it’s not unusual for the apartment to be at 70 or 72°. That’s warm for me. That temperature it is very easy for me to get overheated.

Therefore it would make sense I would break out into the sweats and be removing articles of clothing. So who knows is it hot flashes or my body having its typical issues regulating temperature. I have to make an appointment with my Obgyn. I knew that when the hot flashes came they’d suck with my MS symptoms. Now I can’t even tell one from the other.

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