MS and body temperature

MS and body temperature

Everything worked out with the agency. They found an aid to cover the days that my normal aid is out. She is very nice and the dogs are fine. Thankfully it’s all good. I just didn’t sleep well last night.

I woke up at 3am and really never fell back asleep. I was sweating all night too. Of course I was wearing a white T-shirt that my hair color has now dyed red spots on. I should have turned my fan on but I was too tired to get out of bed to do that. I bought one of those smart plugs and I’m going to use my fan in one of those plugs so I could turn it on or off from my phone.

Even my workout had me in a sweat today. I’ve done this workout many times, it isn’t easy but I’m not usually wet after. Today I was just gross. I’m finally now getting to a normal body temperature for the first time all day. It isn’t cold out but it isn’t warm. I shouldn’t be this overheated. I don’t know if I’m having difficulty regulating my body temperature today or maybe it’s a menopause thing but I’m grateful to feel cooler finally.

Temperature sensitivity could be caused a number of ways. Extremes of heat and cold may affect the speed at which nerve impulses can travel along your nerves, particularly where there has been demyelination or nerve damage. Alternatively, MS may have caused a lesion in the part of the brain that controls or responds to body temperature. Your brain may not trigger sweating or shivering responses that keep your body at the best temperature for comfort.

I’m use to being overheated and being the warmest person in the room. I’ve dealt with overheating issues for a long time. It leads me to believe that last night wasn’t probably menopause and was just my normal MS. Everyone is aware to dress warm at my house because I’m usually hot and the heat might not be on. That being said my aid covering for the day is in a sweater. Now that I’m cool I might have to turn on the heat for her. ?. Poor girl.

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