Another nursing evaluation

Another nursing evaluation

I had a nurse evaluation yesterday for the agency. Nothing shocking, mostly paperwork stuff. My medications were listed for the dosage and times I take them. I’m taking 9 different medications at 48 years old. That’s a lot of pills. If you include the vitamins it’s 17. A crazy number yet they all serve a purpose and that’s what the evaluator and I were discussing. Most I take at night because they cause drowsiness so I got the warning about driving. I almost laughed. Not that I drive much but more because I’ve taken some of these pills for over 15 years. I’m very aware of the side effects. I know it’s her job to give me the warnings but still, not an amateur in the disease.

Next was the condo. The evaluation on possible items that can cause me to fall. Since I’m a fall risk every time I transfer from my chair the first thing pointed out were my dogs. They could get under my feet and cause me to trip. I just gave a look, like I’m getting rid of the dogs….next issue please. Their toys. Ok I could understand that at least so it was pointed out to keep the floor clear of the dog toys. I’ll explain to Zoey she has to pick up her toys when she’s done playing with them lol. Next issue please

My feet. Besides the fungus which hasn’t gone away I have edema. My feet have been very swollen again. She looked at that and that was probably most concerning. I sit with my feet up but not high enough in my recliner during the day. We need a better system. Since I can’t take my water pills daily for fear of accidents when I go out, it’s building up too much. I need to sleep with my feet raised also. That was my biggest take away from the evaluation. That and I need a new podiatrist. I need to start paying more attention to my feet. It’s not going well.

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