What happened to winter

What happened to winter

This has been a very mild winter. I think there has only been one day that it actually snowed and the snow was about an inch. Not that I’m hoping for big snow storms because they’d keep me housebound, but come on, it’s winter. I need at least one good storm. I love looking out the window to the white world when everything is quiet because no one has gone out yet as the snow continues to fall. That is one of my favorite parts of the winter season. It is three days away from March and about 25 days away from the start of spring and nothing. This was just so strange. I don’t ever think I’ve seen a winter like this my whole life. I don’t live in Florida, it’s not supposed to be like this. I live on Long Island in New York. My daughter has had a few snow storms at her school upstate in Albany, NY, 3 hours away. Where was ours?

Ok I must admit the wheelchair doesn’t do well in snow and ice. If a bad storm hits, chances of me being out of the house are slim to none. Even after a few days when there are those big piles of snow everywhere can be a problem. I learned that the hard way last year with my van. I opened the ramp on a small pile of snow. Well the bottom of the ramp was wet and had some ice particles when it retracted and shorted the ramp out. I had to have the van taken into service via flat bed truck because I couldn’t get the ramp out again. Oops. I also can’t imagine trying to clean snow off my van. I use to have issues cleaning off my car and would be both frozen and covered in snow. My van is twice the size and I’m 5’2 in a wheelchair lol. What snow would I clear off that wouldn’t end up in my lap.

Yet I miss that sight and quiet of a snow storm when the world is covered in white. I was robbed this winter. Instead we got tons of rain. I even have a fly already in my house…we still have days until spring is here. Does this mean a hot and humid summer? That would be terrible because those are my hard months. Who says there is no global warming?

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  1. I love the sight of snow outside the window too it makes me feel like I am in a snowglobe. Its so peaceful and relaxing. We are having a weird winter too. We did have snow last week for a few hours but then it warms up the next day. Leaving the farm a mud pit.

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