Regulating body temperature with MS

Regulating body temperature with MS

I almost forgot this fact, well slightly forgot this fact. However my multiple sclerosis let me know it is still here in abundance. I got that crazy symptoms yesterday where I couldn’t regulate my body temperature. I’m sitting on my chair inches away from the AC and sweating. Sweat was literally dripping down my neck. Why? I wasn’t even moving. Normally this happens after I eat maybe something a little hot, this time it happened for no apparent reason. Guess what, body overheats and all my MS symptoms act up. I could barely hold my iPhone. WTF!!! Once my body cooled down For good, I was fine again but it took hours, HOURS. I couldn’t control my temperature at all. I didn’t sweat for hours that would come and go. I’d get warm, sweat, cool off and then repeat the cycle again.

As promised to my family I am taking it easy until I see the surgeon on Wednesday although I don’t have my aid today. She called in. I have already started today with the sweating so I need to shower quite desperately. However I will be taking it easy. I don’t need another fall. Since I’m still warm I don’t want to push myself with my MS either especially since I’m alone today. I just lowered my AC even more. I will shower and sit down again. I feel like I’m coming off of steroids with those steroid sweats instead of the insane antibiotics I was on. Right now I feel just gross so off I go. Such a strange symptom of MS. If I didn’t have it many times in the past I might have thought it had something to do with the antibiotics but unfortunately, I know it the MS.

MS lesions can also occur in areas of the brain responsible for the control and regulation of body temperature and thermoregulatory effector responses, resulting in impaired neural control of sudomotor pathways or neural-induced changes in eccrine sweat glands, as evidenced by observations of reduced sweating responses …

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  1. I hear you on the sweating! I have struggled with this a lot over the last few years. Drs said it was menopause and charted HRT which did nothing. Some times it is so awful I can’t go anywhere. I choose where I go if there are to many people in a small space or if I know they will have a heater on its a no go. People think I am crazy when I turn up in a tee shirt and they are wrapped in layers and complaining of the cold. It can be so debilitating.

    1. It usually happens if I eat something warm or even drink something warm but it goes in reverse to if I get a chill, I can’t warm up without hot showers. It is horrible. I can be bundled or a sweaty mess.

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