Minx ate my big comfy chair

Minx ate my big comfy chair

I have had to make a switcharoo I my house. My big comfy chair has been moved to the balcony and my chair on the balcony has been moved inside.

It wasn’t a decision I wanted to make but I had no choice. It was Minx’s fault. My innocent little puppy wasn’t such a good boy. I thought he was just on the floor chewing a toy. I had no idea he was under the chair chewing wires for who knows how long.

I of course didn’t realize the problem until I went to retract the legs on day to get up. I was pushing the buttons and nothing was happening. I thought maybe the chair was simply unplugged, no such luck. When the legs are out, it is very difficult to get out of the chair. Plus it tips forward from the weight. That is not a good situation for someone with any type of physical issues. It is difficult for anybody with any type of issue. Thankfully my aid was here and she help me get up and out of the chair. However up and out of the chair I was really me sliding to the floor. That’s where I saw it that was chewed up wires. Oh Minxy.

I first called my super in the building to see if he could somehow rig it together. Unfortunately megs did such a good job at it that the wires were not easily joined again together. I even called our electrician, and he also couldn’t splice everything back together. I needed a new part that’s with the hours of phone calls to the place I bought it from to figure out which part I need. Luckily I have an adjustable bed in my room and realized it was the same type of plug that works for the bad motor. I had some idea what I was talking about. After a lot of headaches and calls, I have a hard which hopefully is correct coming on the 29th.

In the meantime I have the other chair in place so I can keep my legs up and relax. This is an extremely comfortable chair as well, it’s just not quite as big. We all still fit, meaning me and the dogs, but they definitely are more comfortable in the big chair. When one goes down and sleeps on the floor I say blame Minx, but he doesn’t seem to fazed. He found a new place to hang.

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