Is one of the medicines working?

Is one of the medicines working?

Yesterday I wanted to write a post about which medicines are working. I woke up yesterday feeling great, great as far as a good MS day. I worked out Saturday, Sunday and Monday having no pain in my arm or shoulder.  What was more amazing was my stamina. I was able to get through each workout. Even though I napped all three days, I’ve been napping most afternoons when I haven’t worked out Anyway.

What I noticed is my legs are doing better. I was able to stand for 12 to 14 minutes of the exercises and normally I’m up maybe 8 to 10 at best.  Granted they aren’t moving but they are holding me up which is a big deal. However my arms, they’re having serious issues.  My arms can’t go over my head like they used to and stay straight. The coordination is completely off. I kind of feel like I’m a muppet when I’m doing the exercises because my arms are flailing about doing their own thing. I took dance as a child and dancing was one of my favorite things but now my legs don’t move and my body has no coordination. It’s just another thing MS took. I exercise at home and I honestly don’t think Marshy or Zoey, my two dogs, care what I look like. I’m happy to be moving at all. It was just my observations doing my workouts after taking 2 months off.

Since I’ve worked out for 8+ years I’ve always measured my MS progression by my morning workouts. I’m not sure if this is still more decline in my disease or if it’s my hiatus from working out. My gut is telling me decline because I’ve been complaining of the weakness in my arms for months, maybe years. However my legs, that stamina, even though it’s not everyday, I haven’t been able to stand for a workout for 14 minutes in years…biotin, alpha lipoic acid, Ocrevus!!! Is one of them helping? Very difficult to tell, but I have to say it’s been years….so who knows. Can the medicine help one area while another gets worse? Another question I can’t answer but I see one of my neurologists on Friday, I’ll ask him. Today I woke up having a tough MS day. No reason for it but it is just one of those days. I didn’t workout but I did go to physical therapy. Now I’m relaxing with Zoey and Marshy on the couch. Have a happy Tuesday.

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